Into a party

Voice Card  -  Volume 11  -  Roger Card Number 2  -  Thu, Dec 14, 1989 1:57 AM

(Person identified as male continues here...)

As you pass thru the door, you notice that you are only wearing underwear and that you are in a small closet. On the wall are hanging four sets of clothing.

  • One is Levi, sport coat, T- shirt and boots.
  • The second set is a dark blue suit, white shirt, black wingtip shoes and a red/blue striped tie.
  • The third peg is black tight jeans, sweater and loafers.
  • The last peg has kacki pants, kacki shirt, brown shoes.
(Person identified as female continues here...)

You are inside of a large closet. There is a vanity table with makeup and perfumes. The door that you entered thru has disappeared. On the wall, and all in your sizes are four outfits.

  • The first is a sporty but slightly formal outfit (like?)
  • The second outfit is the basic black dress, pearls, black moderate heeled shoes.
  • The third outfit is a colorful outfit of slacks and sweater with comfortable low heeled shoes.
  • The fourth outfit is a dull loose dress that looks warm and unassuming as you freshen up.
(After sex differentiated outfits are chosen, the story continues...)

You hear music and laughter and the clink of glasses coming from the door of the closet. Behind you, the door you entered has disappeard and there is a blank wall. Into the party is your only way out.

You choose your outfit, number one, two, three or four, and pass thru the doorway into the room where the party is going on.

You choose outfit #_____.

As you come into the room, you see a group of men in one corner, a group of women in the opposite corner, a table laden with food in the third corner and a doorway with a large frowning guard apparently checking invitations of those entering the room.

Do you go over to the group of men, group of women, the table of food and drink or try to get out the door, past the big, muscular frowning doorman?


  1. (the men's group)
  2. (the women's group)
  3. (table of food)
  4. (the door)

CHOICE 1: The men's group.

As you approach, you notice that most of them are involved in conversation. All are unfamiliar. One man is gazing at you with an inquisitive expression, another is looking at you with a slight frown, the third person has a smile on his face and the fourth seems to be looking past you, and has a mildly absorbed look.

There are also three groups of about three men each and they seem to be discussing things. One seems to be talking sports, another group is discussing politics and the third group seems to be telling jokes to each other. Which of the seven possiblities would you approach to talk with?

  1. smiling man
  2. frowning man
  3. mildly absorbed man
  4. inquisitive man
  5. sports group
  6. politic's group
  7. joking group.
1st Choice_____?
2nd Choice_____?

CHOICE 2: The women's group.

There are four women standing along the wall, one is looking at you and smiling, the second is looking at you and frowning, the third appears to be absorbed in thought. The fourth seems to be looking in your general direction, but not at you, and has a pleasant look on her face. There are three groups of women. One is talking about books, the second group is talking about clothes and food, and the third group is talking about abortion and politics. Which person or group would you approach first and which would be your second choice?

  1. the smiling woman
  2. The frowning woman
  3. The woman absorbed in thought
  4. The woman gazing in your general direction
  5. The group talking about clothes and food
  6. The group talking about books, or
  7. The group talking about abortion and politics.
1st Choice_____?
2nd Choice_____?

CHOICE 3: Table of Food

On the table, you see a stack of small dishes to take away you choice of food. There seems to be five bowls of food and five glasses. The glasses have beer, wine, water, fruit punch and cola. In the food bowls, are

  1. Meat filled sandwiches
  2. Chip and dips
  3. Assortment of small bits of vegitables
  4. Fresh fruit chunks, and
  5. Cookies and cakes.
Which food do you put on your small plate and which drink do you take? What is your second choice?

Drink _____?

CHOICE 4: The door.

As you approach the door, the doorman speaks to you, saying "Do you plan to leave (sir or madam)? (Out the door, you see it is dark and you are exiting into a darkened garden.) Do you

  1. Quietly brush by the doorman without answering
  2. Answer "I want to step out for a breath of fresh air"
  3. Answer "Yes, I am leaving now and will not be back"
  4. Turn around and go back to one of the groups of people or the food

There are still lots of choices left at this party, meeting the various guests, each which has a name and a personality, what you talk about, how long you stay at the party and possibly leaving the party with one of the members you meet. (You learn what is outside by talking to the various members before you leave but you can only find this out by asking questions of the guests.)