Hello Card  -  Volume 13  -  Drury Card Number 0  -  Sun, Mar 11, 1990 9:37 PM


My name is Drury. It rhymes with brewery (the place where they keep malt liquors). The word is old English and has several origins. It may have started as a nickname from druerie denoting a lover, sweetheart, or darling, or from the Anglo-Saxon personal name Thrudheri (true warrior) or from a place such as Roueray a town in Normandy. It is an old family name and should I ever reproduce, the poor dears will be required to carry the name on. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I can proceed with the real Hello card. (Everyone I have ever been introduced to, asks about the name)

This Hello card should be easy. I believe I get to introduce myself and give a brief description. That shouldn't take much effort. I know more about me than about ANYTHING else.

First, let me express some utter amazement at the scope of the Archipelago. It is downright A-mazing!! What a masterpiece!! What a work of art!!! What an amazing project!! Wow!! Thank you, John, for inviting me to join the group.

However after reading the entire voice card package I am fearful of having very little to offer this wonderful gathering of people. What wonderful thoughts you all have written and shared! I am up for the challenge but I beg your patience with my "Shakespearean spelling" and odd twist of sentence structure (John, do you remember writing that?). I remember something about how to get sticky (). Could you include the instructions on the voice card help screen soon?

[Editor's note: It's already there! Type ? and look at the bottom part of the font chart!]

I am a veterinarian. That just about describes my entire existence at this point. I sleep, eat, dream, play, work with my choosen profession. I have around seven pet birds, three cats, and a turtle. The household varies with my client abandonment of problem pets. Some will have a complete life with me, others may find new homes.

Because I work only with the exotic pets (psittacines, selected passerines and poultry, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish) even my hobbies are full of my work. When I SCUBA dive, I watch the animals for behaviors and signs of illness. All my reading (until the godsent purchase of this computer) has been of animals, their behaviors, functions, illnesses, environments (see my magazine list). The only laser discs I own are of Audubon birds! My community service projects revolve around presenting animals to the public (the Sacramento Science Center - I sit on the group to design an animal hall). I have birds on my shower curtain!!

I don't believe it has always been this way. John, was I this critter happy in junior high? At one time I was married (seven years). It sort of worked but my career did get in the way. Veterinarians never get anywhere on time or have the time to do anything but work. Remember, we are the caring, compassionate types that will go sleep with a seizuring dog instead of making love to their spouse.

Yes, I have held the paw of a poorly controlled epileptic all night instead of spending a romantic evening at home. I even now, live only one mile from work, so I can check on my patients several times in the evening. I am improving. I hope to move soon (again John) and refer those critical cases to a 24 hour facility. It will cost the pet owner more but I will be able to pursue a normal life. An addiction is an addiction even if work, sex, or drugs.

This little Archipelago is like a life line. Tell me about the rest of the world. Do people still argue religion? I remember an election. I suppose there is a new president (Reagan did retire didn't he?). Bring on the sex. I will try not to drag in my birds (or Bees! ). Hello, Hello!!