Hello Card  -  Volume 14  -  Drury Card Number 0  -  Mon, May 14, 1990 3:49 PM

I thought I would always be able to plan my time appropriately so I could always respond to you archipelagons. But due to unforseen forces, I am unable to make all the responses I had planned when I first unwrapped this package. Sigh!

Just after receiving this issue, I got a phone call from Mexico. The callers were desparate! Could I please come down and lecture to Mexican veterinarians about fish medicine? The conference is/was mid May and their reptile lecturer died or was bit by some viper or something (my Spanish is not good at all!!).

Well, it is awfully short notice and I only have a two hour presentation prepared from lectures at US vet. schools. They want(ed) SIX hours of fish medicine. I accepted only because I have never been to Mexico City, my boss will grant me paid leave, they are paying for the flight, the hotel, and the food, AND my boss wouldn't send me to a fish conference in Canada this year ("too expensive" he said as he purchased a new $30,000 Acura car - and that is only slightly less than I make in a year!!!!!!).

So for the last two weeks (and I worked BOTH weekends too!) I have been trying to triple my fish lecture. I put in 30 hours of actual writing according to John's nifty time tracker. I leave in less than 12 hours, so this is MY excuse for a short response.

I included a copy of my fish notes, if anyone is remotely interested in what veterinarians can do with fish. The big holes in the notes are for diagrams. I don't know how to get my hand drawings into the computer, yet.