The First of many "help"!

Voice Card  -  Volume 13  -  Drury Card Number 2  -  Tue, Feb 27, 1990 11:15 PM


I was attempting to contribute a book review and I wanted to include the little palm trees for a rating system. All I got were little boxes. Do the voice fonts only work on these voice cards?

[Editor's note: Sad but true. can only appear on voice cards. But when Archipelago 2.0 comes out, everything will be on voice cards!]

An aside: Boy-oh-boy you people are full of verbage! I never read such long reviews! I will attempt to add more words of some meaning to my contributions, but by nature I do *short* summaries.

My usual audience (my clients) have very short attention spans, lots of loose emotions, and very, very limited knowledge of basic body works (even about themselves). I am lucky to get them to recognize the disease and understand the treatments, if any. I figure that if they really want more information, they can read it and THEN attempt to discuss some of the finer points with me later.