Voice Card  -  Volume 16  -  Paul Card Number 11  -  Sun, Aug 5, 1990 12:36 PM

After an issue or two with no bugs to report, I seem to be paying the price.

I tried to print one of John's voice cards (can you guess which one?). After five or ten minutes with no visible action, my screen-saver program kicked in. After another length of time, I tried the command-period trick to halt printing. No luck. In fact, my screen went dark - and no amount of cursing, clicking, and typing would bring it back to life. I powered the machine down manually and went to bed.

Today, I find that Archipelago is badly corrupted. More specifically, Voices 15 can't be accessed. When I click on Voices from the Monopoly board, I get the following message:

Can't read card or background ID 2973 at location 5112

- and I wind up back *at the Finder*. Same behavior if I double click on Voices 15 from the Finder. So, I copied a fresh Voices 15 from the transit disk. Now everything seems fine except that my new card numbering has started over at one.

- And I still don't have a printout of that damn card.