Hello Card  -  Volume 16  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Fri, Aug 24, 1990 02:06 AM

Welcome to the Second Anniversary Edition of Archipelago!

If you've made it this far, you have successfully upgraded your operating system to 6.0.5, and installed the long-awaited HyperCard 2.0. Congratulations! You are now ready to explore not only HyperCard 2.0, but Archipelago 2.0 as well. Actually, I've only had time to install about half of the new features, so expect more changes in the months ahead.

Fortunately, the new system is not that much different than the old. The essential difference is that from now on everything will be based entirely in the voice volumes. Book reviews, Mr. Wizard, and other features will appear as special voice cards which you can copy into your personal archive stacks at any time. All you have to do each month is read through the latest voice volume and create new cards by pushing the New Card buttons found on most cards. At the end of each session just drag the My Contributions stack onto the transit disk and mail it, as before.

For a summary of all the new features installed so far, See Vol 16 John 21. It's the very last card in the stack, but you may want to read it first!

In addition to the sweeping changes mentioned above, issue 16 includes some great news from both Larry and Suzanne. See Vol 16 Larry 4 and Suzanne's Hello Card.

We also have the first book review in the new format, contributed by Drury. And there are five gifts to unwrap on the main screen (for the last time; next issue gift cards will appear in the voice volume) including a gadget from Paul called Icon Master that lets you change your hard disk icon on the desktop into your member icon (I have added all the member icons). You will also find a selection of Tweety Bird sounds (from Paul) in the Sound-of-the-Month Club. AND we have an exciting installment of Mr. Wizard, also in the new format!

A technical note: The last time around, Robert's cards arrived too late to be included in the shipment. I have added them into volume 15 so if you want to look at them you'll have to go back to the previous volume. We should hear from Robert again (I hope!) in volume 17.

A financial note: Because of the sudden and unanticipated expense of sending complete system upgrades, I will be asking for subscription fees a little sooner than I had intended (but not for another two issues).

A final note: A new member is about to join the group. He has picked out a wicked icon and should make an appearance next time around. Stay tuned!

And now, on with the show!