Hello Card  -  Volume 15  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Thu, Jul 19, 1990 06:55 PM

This issue is for the birds. There are only two gifts, one from me and one from Paul, but they are huge: occupying one and a half disks. And as a special gesture to our resident vet (and other bird lovers) they are both bursting with birds. As an added bonus, I have added a lovely owl sound (along with two typewriter noises that the Wizard puts to dubious use) to the selections of the Sound of the Month Club.

We also have a number of buttons that need pushing on the main screen. You will all be glad to hear that the Quotationist is back, and better than ever. And we have no less than THREE book reviews. AND Drury has contributed her Desert Island Quiz Cards (be sure to install them in your Island Quiz Stack). Robert and Suzanne, would you care to share YOUR quiz results?

We have a whopping 97 voice cards in this issue (the record is 103), 33 of which came from our newest member (the record for a single member is 37 set way back in volume 2 by yours truly). The total number of words is right around 27000, which, I believe, IS a new record!

Our voice cards offer everything from a scholarly dissertation on Lotus Eaters to the Song of Roland. Gilligan's Island reaches a conclusion and Stuart grants us another encounter with Monkey Boy. There are a number of different discussions in full swing, including quite a few responses to the travel question and the big Lettuce Digression (Suzanne has hit another rich vein). Roger and I have made a friendly wager and we would both like to hear your reactions. Roger and I also both wrote about the wedding of the century (my version was about 3000 words longer than his).

Many of us are on the road this August: Larry's going to Chicago, Drury's going to Colorado, Robert is touring the Southwest, Stuart returns from his stay in Virginia, Paul is ALWAYS on the road, and I am heading to California in a matter of hours. Have a good summer, all! See you in September!

[Editor's note: Robert's five voice cards were appended after this issue was released.]