Palantino 24

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  John Card Number 4  -  Wed, Nov 21, 1990 10:33 PM

This is a response to Vol 17 Larry 1 ("Missing font")...

Most of you have experienced an annoying little message nagging you about Palantino 24 whenever you start Archipelago. Actually, it's not Archipelago doing the nagging, but the new HyperCard.

Whenever you launch any stack, HyperCard first sneaks off to your Home stack and performs various secretive machinations. One of the tricks new to version 2.0 is a routine which checks your system for a list of fonts which the Home stack requires. Since I happen to have Palantino 24 in my system, I never received this message and was unaware that most of you would fall victim to it.

It's rather a nice font, Palantino that is, and will make a lovely addition to your operating system. One of my gifts this time is Font/DA Mover file containing all sizes of Palantino as well as the other fonts on the home stack's list. Just double click on the file to automatically run your Font/DA Mover program, and then transfer the fonts into the System file in your System folder. Those of you unfamiliar with the font mover can find directions in the user manual that came with your Mac (or you can always give me a call if you like). Once Palantino 24 is in your system you should never again be troubled by that pesky message!

Sorry for the inconvenience.