MemberList Now Obsolete

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  John Card Number 5  -  Wed, Nov 21, 1990 10:48 PM

This is a response to Vol 17 Larry 4 ("CONVERT!!")...

The reason I didn't bother to convert the member list stack is that I knew its days were numbered. Archipelago 2.0 will take a different approach to storing and transmitting our group rolladex, so you can soon TOSS your Member List stack!

Under the new system, there will be two ways to call up a member's address card. From any voice card you can click on the member icon in the upper right corner to jump directly to that member's Hello Card. Clicking the same icon on the Hello Card will call up the member's address card. OR you can zip back to the revised Archipelago Main Screen and push the member icon on the top row.

If you ever need to make any changes to your own card, simply call it up and enter the changes, then pop back to wherever you were. There is no need to transmit the changes, since the address cards are already hidden inside the My Contributions stack; any changes you make to your own card will be automatically available to the other members when the next issue hits the street.

This feature should be in place by the next issue. Rest assured I will incorporate Larry's new office phone number. Stay tuned.