You asked for it.

Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  Roger Card Number 2  -  Mon, Jan 21, 1991 1:57 AM

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Ok John:

What do I think about this war?

Today was the fourth day of the war and all of the signs look promising for the US; however, I don't think it is going to be a short war. I hope it will be.

My feelings are that Iraq is pulling back most of it aircraft and probably much of the other sophisticated equipment with the expectation of being driven out of Kuwait and with the war ending there. Anticipating primarily that it will to be too costly for the US to continue and the other Arab countries will pull out when Kuwait is liberated. I think that he will almost be right but that US will continue to pursue Saddam H into Iraq in spite of the demands of the peace movement which will be much stronger by then.

I am a reluctant backer of this war. It's not about the oil, its really about world peace. Saddam H invaded another country and made force his tool. He will not stop until he has conquered and consolidated all of the Arab countries and destroyed Israel. He will have the H Bomb in five years and we would probably have to fight him then. And this time it would be accompanied with atomic war. We have to stop it now and keep our fingers crossed that in the future none of the other countries that have obtained nuclear weapons decide to use military force to accomplish their leader's nationalistic goals.

The questionable point is "would Saddam H stop with just conquering the other Arab countries and not risk a world war?" It's possible but the chances are less than fifty-fifty, (my guess).

What do the rest of you think of it?