Hello Card  -  Volume 19  -  Drury Card Number 0  -  Wed, Mar 13, 1991 10:07 PM

Not much to write about.

We are getting a little break from the FIVE year California drought. It is raining again. It rains about every time I receive an Archipelago package.

I found my hibernating box turtle. I had been very concerned about her well-being this winter. Box turtles are not native to California. I was planning to bring her indoors last Fall, but she dug in and disappeared before I could rescue her. She is currently doing well in our bathtub. I am the terror of snail city. Every morning I hunt snails to offer my little turt!

Work has been stressful (again). We had been very short-staffed for over three months. The boss (a Scrooge-like character) fired one staff member for not showing up to work (the day after New Year - and she had just returned from vacation) and another staff member moved. The rest of us started putting in 10 to 12 hour days - routinely!!! He claimed to be short of funds, so we are just now hiring desperately needed help.

Three months is a long time to work like that. I have a long list of personal projects to do. It was even more frustrating because not only was I staying late to do technician work (I would be a very expensive technician, but he does not pay me overtime) but I also had the most profitable month in my career last January! I complained enough to get myself comp-time and TWO additional helpers. Actually, he probably realized he was close to having the rest of us quit or become very unreliable.

Well, John (my S.O.) and I are off to the Napa wine country for a booze and Bed and Breakfast break. It's my birthday celebration weekend. I hope this card finds everyone enjoying the beauty of Spring! Happy St. Pats!!!!!