Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  Drury Card Number 1  -  Mon, Mar 4, 1991 2:12 PM

This is a response to VC 18 John 21 ("Two New Archives")...

John -

You do such amazing work! Now that you have two archives working, please help me with the sound archive.

When I open the sound archive on the board, I find three sounds - type key, type return, and owl. By leaving Archipelago, I can get into Sounds from volumes 17 and 18. I did attempt to "install" these sounds to the sound archive stack, but even though I apparently saw all the appropriate messages, they did not install! What is happening?

I am also curious to know what else I can do with these sounds. I do enjoy putting them through all the little tunes, but isn't there more? Can I get my computer to make selected sounds in its other operations? Am I just to "drop" a sound into my system folder, or can I even do this?

I await eagerly to hear your words of wisdom.