And penniless

Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  Drury Card Number 29  -  Wed, Mar 13, 1991 7:20 PM

This is a response to VC 18 John 12 ("Dawning of a New Age")...


A modem would be nice, except for the cost. I would need an extra phone outlet put into the computer room. It is without a phone jack at this time.

A modem sounds interesting. I understand there are lots of modem bulletin boards - I recently saw one about fish!

How would it work? Would we be required to make our entries by a set date each month, have the harvester munch on the responses and spit them out, then repeat the cycle? A system like that may give us more time to spend in Archipelago land. Would everyone really make their contributions in a timely manner?

I like opening my package from the mail. It feels like a gift and I have a physical reminder to finish. On the other hand, a whole new world in computer interactions could be at our fingertips. But I'm unsure of new technology. However, many people do, do it. But again. . .