Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  Drury Card Number 3  -  Mon, Mar 4, 1991 3:19 PM

This is a response to VC 18 Paul 3 ("On voting...")...

This is actually more of a response to John's "We want you" (to vote).

I have recently relearned another BIG drawback to voting. Apparently, when you innocently register to vote, you also get nabbed by the jury selection committee.

I have been called before (I registered to vote in order to prove residency in the state of Colorado) and learned the jury selection process is a BIG farce! They picked flag waving, rose pruning, never employed, aging housewives! No one on the jury had an education beyond high school (the lawyers asked!). From my impression (and it may be incorrect) I was disqualified because I was in graduate school. Now I am being called again. I must go through some stupid "hoops" to get dismissed. I certainly don't have the finances or the time this round to be forced into judging another person.

Jury duty ought to be an advertised or voluntary position. The selection process should not resemble a kidnapping of the populace! There are probably plenty of retired, unemployed, underemployed, or patriotic people willingly to VOLUNTEER! Why are they picking on those of us who have no interest in juries? I feel like I am being drafted.

Also, how can you tell the difference between a decent political candidate and a dud? They ALL sound "fishy" to me. Past performance appears to be useless in determining continuing consistancy (I liked Alan Cranston, and now he is involved with the Savings & Loan scandal).

As for environmental issues - I give lots of support by donating cash to all my favorite environmental groups. They go and pressure the political machine for me or buy protection for their issues (ie. buying land that supports some endangered or threatened whatever). At last recourse, I am willing to join some "monkey-wrench gang".