Animal survey

Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  Drury Card Number 5  -  Mon, Mar 4, 1991 5:13 PM

To All Ponarvians!

I would like to know what domestic and/or nondomestic animals you live with. (Remember - you do not OWN another life. You can live with them however.) I know about John's kitty buddies, what about the rest of you?!?

If you do not live with a non-human animal, why? I promise not to give you 101 reasons why you should live with a dog or cat or horse. I want to understand the motivation behind the keeping of a non-human life.

If you are living with a domestic (domestic = dogs, cats, horses, cattle) and/or non-domestic (non-domestic = birds, reptiles, rodents, fish) life-form, why?

Please, everyone make an effort to respond. I am curious and it will be very helpful for my next "How to take Care of Your ---" class.