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Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  Drury Card Number 7  -  Mon, Mar 11, 1991 11:02 AM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 18 John 13 ("Boring? Not us!")...

Hmmm, somewhere in the past voice cards I made the implication or, most likely, actually said that those unchanging "sots" were boring, dull people. Permit me to "change" this terrible statement.

I do believe there are people whose personalities have not changed since puberty (equals 20 years?). I also believe there are other folks, who would be unrecognizable if their personalities at puberty and then of the adult were compared. Both "sets" have undoubtedly encountered "gobs and gobs" of stimuli. The difference was in the response to the stimuli.

I should not have said the non-changers were boring, dull personalities. This is not true. They may very well be exciting, stimulating, interesting people. Lack of change to stimuli does not imply or lead to "dulldom". Their core personality may be fascinating! Conversely, a personality changer does not mean an exciting, stimulating person. To me, everyone I have met, has been fascinating in some way or another. I doubt I could ever completely understand or "know" another person even if they never changed during my lifetime.

Also these two "groups" (changers vs non-changers) do not really exist. They are just points at opposite ends of a continuum. From our own experiences, we recognize childhood friends who appear to be exactly the same as adults. We also may know of people who are now very different (look at a woman who had been brutally raped or a prisoner-of-war or someone that fought hard to obtain more education, a better job, etc.). Granted the examples underwent extreme stimulation, but they are from the extreme end of our continuum.

Where do "we" fit in? Maybe we should repeat the random snippets test in ten or twenty years. Would we still recognize each other?

I apologize for the non-thoughtfulness of my earlier voice cards. No one is "more equal than another". We are all different, not better or worse. Sometimes my childhood belief of the "world revolving around me and my friends" still shines through. I have been fighting hard to change that very annoying, bigoted part of my personality. It originally came from my mother. . ..