Importing Text

Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  John Card Number 16  -  Thu, Apr 4, 1991 11:52 PM

This is a response to VC 19 Drury 32 ("Replay")...


There are ALL SORTS of ways to import text into a voice card. Basically, the text has to be either stored in a text file or copied to the clipboard before entering Archipelago .

To store your word processing file as a text file, just call it up and do a "Save As" in text format. All the major word processors allow you to do this.

To get a chunk of text into the clipboard just select it and COPY it (from the Edit menu of whatever program you are in). It's that simple.

Now enter the latest Voice Volume and push the new card button. You now have several choices. If you want, you can just create the blank card in the usual way and import the text from your text file after the fact. Just choose Import Text from the pop-up Menu button next to the reply boxes. The text from your file will be appended to the end of the current voice card.

OR you can create the card with the text from the text file already in place. When you push the New Card button select the card type and then push Text File instead of Create.

Now then, if you copied your text directly into the clipboard you cannot wait until after the card is created. When you push the New Card button select the card type and then push Clipboard instead of Create. If you try to paste the text after the card has been created, a blank card template will be pasted instead (the clipboard can only hold one thing at a time).

Once you do this, you'll find it's really quite easy. If you get stuck, you can always give me a call!