Junior High

Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  John Card Number 15  -  Thu, Apr 4, 1991 11:43 PM

This is a response to VC 19 Drury 31 ("The Pits")...

Drury and Paul:

Apparently I owe Margaret Lakey an apology; she must have been more attractive than I now recall. As for memories about you and Dan Scoville, all I remember is that there was some kind of climactic (from Dan's point of view) scene in front of your locker, in which he went fishing for some kind of goodbye kiss and came up empty (I think). You were a wee bit gangly in junior high, Drury, as were we all, but in retrospect Scoville showed remarkable taste and foresight in falling for you. It took me a few more years to see what he saw right away.

Incidentally, if you can remember them, I would LOVE to hear what Carol and Bettyanne's "dating tips" were!