The Cat Fight

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  Drury Card Number 3  -  Sat, May 18, 1991 12:08 PM

This is ONE OF 4 responses to VC 19 John 22 ("The Misplaced Gargoyle")...

"So you are finally here, inspector!" Inspector Gridlock bit deeply into his knuckles. He could taste salty blood trickling down his throat. There was Lou Ann Gleason, dressed in a tight green jump suit and shaking the rain out of her long, gorgeous red mane. She quickly crossed over to the body, snapping pictures at every angle.

"Is this where you had the gargoyle delivered?" Lou Ann asked the maid as she pointed to Horace Frobisher's head. The maid quickly sprang from the couch. "What do you mean" she demanded, angrily wiping the tears from her face.

As she stood facing Lou Ann, Inspector Gridlock noticed a tatoo of a black bow peaking over her low cut blouse on her left breast. The maid caught his glance and quickly pulled up her blouse to conceal the mark.

Mrs. Frobisher turned back from the window and coldly spoke, "You know to what she is refering. My husband was going to dismiss you, you little tart". Mrs. Frobisher's voice was steady as stone. There was not a trace of concern in her actions or words for the dead man, thought the inspector.

Mrs. Frobisher motioned the butler over. "Remove that mess", she waved in the direction of the gargoyle and Mr. Frobisher, "and please escort Ms. Gleason out. I will not have pictures taken of my home in this condition".

The butler easily lifted both the gargoyle and body before Inspector Gridlock could call out. "Do not touch anything!" he spit out, "This is police business."

Before the butler could drop the evidence, a large, over-dressed woman burst into the room. "Just in time", she declared, smoothing the black bows over a bodice that held glands any dairy farmer would be envious of. "I have lived for this day!"

Lou Ann swung her camera to the woman. "Madam Truffles, what do you know of this," she clipped out as fast as her shutter was clicking, "Does this have anything to do with the razing of your internationally known bordello by Mr. Horace Frobisher?"

Lou Ann was in rare form, thought Inspector Gridlock gloomily.