Just another VP?

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  John Card Number 25  -  Mon, Jun 10, 1991 8:44 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 20 Paul 4 ("Pres. Quayle")...


I disagree *slightly* with your argument that Quayle is no different from past goofy Vice Presidents. It's true that we have been making fun of vice presidents since this country began, and every single one has been the butt of jokes, but I think Quayle is more than just another VP.

I remember watching in open mouth astonishment as Quayle "debated" Benson during the last presidential campaign. The man was a drooling, babbling idiot. He was WAY out of his league and at times even his supporters were laughing at some of his gaffs. He was SO shallow, and SO immature, and SO incompetent that he instantly became a major campaign issue. (There are even those cynics who theorize that Bush purposely picked a buffoon to distract media attention away from his own sinister CIA dealings, but I don't buy that. I think Quayle's dad bought the vice presidency plain and simple.)

There are a LOT of people who are genuinely scared about the idea of Quayle becoming president, including a LOT of Republicans who are openly pressuring Bush to drop Quayle next time around. And I would wager that the volume of jokes is an order of magnitude beyond the usual level for VPs. Quayle is NOT just another VP. He is a genuine, certified simpleton and a bomb just waiting to explode.