Wise Words

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  Paul Card Number 13  -  Sun, Nov 11, 1990 12:27 AM

  • "It's easy in hindsight to have foresight about this."

    - Bertie Ahern, TD, Minister for Labour, and Fianna Fail director of elections.

  • "...although the products' wrappings were convincing replicas, the bottles inside were just filled with coloured water. That usually indicates the products may not be genuine."

    - Quoted in the Ayrshire Leader 26 Oct 90

  • "Ears pierced while you wait"

    - Sign in Dublin jewellery shop

  • "Global warming tends to be a global issue".

    - Deborah Norville, Today Show, 22 Oct 90

  • "By the time the runner reached the bag, the ball had already arrived, but too late."

    - CBS TV World Series commentary

  • "Open Every Day, 11.00 AM to 9.00 PM, Closed Monday"

    - Printed in menu at Nashua restaurant

  • "County Stadium is the only stadium in the NFL where both sidelines are on the same side."

    - Dick Stockton, CBS sports, 28 Oct 90

  • "All the cattle available in the area were de-horned. So horny cattle had to be imported from neighbouring areas..."

    - Irish Independent, 30 Oct 90

  • "The answer is it is too close to call. I pick Williams."

    - John McGlocklin, US political commentator

  • "My grandmother, were she alive today, would turn over in her grave if she heard that."

    - Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host