Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  John Card Number 8  -  Mon, Jun 10, 1991 2:12 AM

This is a response to VC 20 Larry 7 ("Creativity revisited")...


I REALLY enjoyed this summary. Who is this Robert Sternberg? Has he written any books that you are aware of? I would like to hear more about his ideas.

I thought it was especially interesting that many of the points Sternberg made echo things that have come up in our various Archipelago discussions. The "Legislative" mind of the artist agrees with comments several of us made about creativity involving the ability to look at things from different perspectives simultaneously. Sternberg's comments about tolerating ambiguity and working with ideas currently out of favor go to the heart of negative capability and PONARVs and Archipelago itself. And I THINK that Sternberg's remarks lend credence to much of what I said in defense of the idea that the artist must suffer.

Bravo! This is a card I will come back to time and time again.