America is always right?

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  Yumi Card Number 2  -  Sat, May 11, 1991 7:26 PM

This is a response to VC 19 Larry 3 ("Lebanon again")...

I share many of Larry's fears. The Gulf War Crisis has hit close to home for me. Some of my closest friends have had to serve in Saudi. The war was over so quickly yet my heart aches for the innocent victims of the war. Many people will continue to suffer so much, long after our troops come home.

My good friend Michael is stationed in Dhahran. He is a wonderful person who's wife is one of my best friends. They are expecting their first child and Michael has missed the first four months of the pregnancy so far. I truly wish that he never had to see the things that he has now been witness to. We are the same age and yet, I believe he now has a better understanding of how cruel one man can be.

I guess the main point of this card to explain my feelings about America's constant insistance that we know what is right. I did not really support this war but I had to support our troops. I did not agree with Saddam's treatment of Kuwait and her citizens, but where do we as American's draw the line?

We entered a conflict in a region where we understand very little of the customs and cultures of the people, and yet we are somehow liberating the region? In our attemt to prevent another Vietnam situation, I worry that we as Americans have made some very poor choices. The Kurds as well as the Iraqi citizens are now suffering enormously and I fear that the United States will soon turn their backs. True, they may not be our people, but as human beings I think that we have the responsibility to see this through until the end. Although we believe it is over, the war continues as countless innocent individuals continue to suffer.

I guess there is no right answer to all of the issues, I just wish that our politicians were not so convinced that they are always right. As a Japanese-American it depresses me to watch as American men and women do not try to understand other cultures. I am just as guilty as the next person. We as Americans often walk into an area expecting to impose our values on a society which is unique. We often fail to see the beauty of others. Did we make the right choices in this war? Unfortunately the innocent will be forced to be the judges.