Apple, IBM and the Woz

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Larry Card Number 7  -  Mon, Sep 2, 1991 10:22 PM

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So what do think about the collaboration between IBM and Apple that will be taking place?

Steve Wozniak is in the news in San Jose again. A few year ago he had a street named after him (Woz Way). Now he seems to want to rival San Jose's Winchester Mystery House. The Mystery House is a tourist attraction in San Jose - a house owned by a lady that couldn't seem to stop making additions to it (some that didn't make much sense at all).

Wozniak is following in her footsteps. He lives in a 5,000 square foot home in the foothills of San Jose (Los Gatos to be exact). This doesn't include the cave that he had constructed for his kids. He is now adding another 5,000 square feet to his home, plus a three story slide for his kids that will carry them into the second swimming pool. He hasn't stopped building on his propoerty in the 5-6 years that he has lived there, and neigbors are starting to become perturbed at the constant line of construction vehicles along the narrow, windy road way that goes by his home.