Hello Card  -  Volume 21  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Fri, Aug 30, 1991 4:21 PM

Welcome to the first issue of Archipelago to be launched from newly relocated command central in Huntington Beach, California! Issue 21 also marks the three year anniversary of Archipelago. As part of the general festivities, I have prepared the way for not one but TWO new members. Lee and Janine should make their first contributions next time around. Welcome aboard!

We've all enjoyed a kind of summer vacation from Archipelago. It took me several months to establish a new headquarters, and then another month to lure packets out of everyone, and then even more time to do some further reprogramming and testing. Now that we're back on track I hope we can resume our usual schedule.

The most obvious programming change is the retirement of the Archipelago stack. To appease Drury, I have provided a "Seagull Intro" stack to take its place. This will be the last time I distribute the Archipelago stack. (For more details, see VC 21 John 18.)

As usual, we have a cornicopia of goodies. I have provided a book review, several gifts (including a special starmaze stack), and my usual Mr. Wizard column. Paul provided another bizarre selection of sound effects along with a special gift for Roger, and Robert came up with an unusual gift as well. Stuart provides us with another Bestiary sonnet and yet another wonderful alphabet poem. The gargoyle mystery is hanging on by a thread; I hope some of you will continue it next time.

Issue 21 is another big issue with over a hundred cards holding over thirty thousand words. As we enter our fourth year, Archipelago seems healthier and more lively than ever. Carry on, fellow Ponarvians!

[Technical Note: in order to incorporate new member icons and finish retiring the archipelago stack, I am re-releasing all the archive stacks (book reviews, etc.). Please be sure to replace your existing copies.]