Hello Card  -  Volume 22  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Sun, Nov 10, 1991 10:37 PM

I made a vow to get this issue out before year's end, and it looks like I'm going to make it, but just barely.

The distractions on this end have been monumental. Betsy and I have moved once again, and will probably move several more times before the next issue comes out. I also have a job (YIKES) and all the usual seasonal distractions. Command central is in a state of chaos.

And for some reason, pulling packets out of the rest of you was like pulling teeth. Everyone except Drury put up a struggle. Larry contributed his packet only after I threatened to burst into tears. Paul *finally* contributed several thousand words and even wrote a few hundred of them himself. Robert never even returned my calls. Stuart and Janine and Yumi all had some real troubles to deal with, but they came through in the end.

Despite all this difficulty, we have an incredibly good issue. There's lots of news to report. First of all, we have two new members. And Yumi has just purchased herself a new Mac so that she can continue contributing. I have instituted a snazzy new packaging system for Archipelago and made a few more minor changes. And Roger has joined America Online, thereby raising the number of online Archipelagoans to four.

There are some very powerful voice cards in this issue, and Stuart has contributed an intriguing prose poem. We also have one distinctive gift (courtesy of Betsy) and two book reviews (one of which is actually an album review). And we have a most unusual installment of the sound of the month club, courtesy of our newest member.

There are only two transit disks this time, but I think you'll find this one of our most interesting issues yet. I will be calling you all before the end of January with the latest address for Command Central. As soon as Betsy and I get settled, I'd like to pick up the pace a bit so that we can crank out six issues in 1992.

Happy New Year everyone! See you in '92!