Hello Card  -  Volume 22  -  Lee Card Number 0  -  Wed, Dec 18, 1991 3:39 PM

Gee, John, am I the last contributor?

Hiya all, I'm Lee. I am attempting to make my living with Macintosh which is how I met Drury and Yumi. I was delinquent in getting my contributions in for Archipelago, which is how I met John. How will I meet the rest of you?

I'm a married papa, my wife's name is Jeanine, my daughters are Lilah and Molly. Lilah is 6 and a half and in first grade, Molly is two and half and is into everything. There is also a Cockateil named Happy.

I'm just wrapping up twelve year career in the misery business. For the last eight years I've run a non-profit business that provides transit services for seniors and persons with disabilities. Prior to that I worked as staff for a similar organization.

Since July I've been a half time consultant, half time boss, with the emphasis on getting out to being a full-time consultant. Nothing quite like going two different directions at the same time. It's been a very hectic time.

So, I'm holding my own with Archipelago. I intend to contribute more next time; this time, I'm just getting my feet wet.