Hello Card  -  Volume 22  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Thu, Dec 19, 1991 6:25 PM

Hope you all had a happy Christmas, stocked up on extra computer disks and got at least one new computer game or program for your collection.

Things are different around this house. On a temporary basis we have four persons living here instead of two, a computer is usually on some time of the day or nite and often two at the same time. The bathroom gets more use and dinners are more lively.

I am getting my preparation for the tax work of this winter and H&R block is using computers for the first time in this geographical area. It looks like it's going to be easier to do this time with the computer ready to write down the name and SS number the 5 to 10 times necessary for the usual form.

Health is good for a 61 year old male and I am still attending Toastmaster's and going for the usual 1 hour daily walks.