Hello Card  -  Volume 23  -  Drury Card Number 0  -  Mon, Feb 10, 1992 7:45 PM

I'm late, I'm late (ta da ta dee ta do). I am enclosing a little check, however. And it may not even bounce!

I have been so busy, that my lists can't keep up! Let's see - I am to talk to the local vet association about birds (I get paid), my book chapter on bacteria of psittacines is slowly shaping up, there are THREE proposals into the Avian Vet association for talks at their big meeting, the boss named me on an avian research grant (I am wondering why cockatiels turn yellow. . . We are asking $10,000 for a two year study. No, it doesn't propose to be of ANY value to man, but it may save little cockatiel lives), John (my SO) purchased a IIci (boy, is it fast and beautiful) - we are now a TWO computer family, we also have a FAX/modem, I am considering becoming a partner in my place of work (Let's see if Yumi reads these intro cards. Yes, it is true. The boss asked me to buy-in. We are exploring the options), and I still can't get to work on-time (my only new year resolution).

And it is off to the mail we go!