Hello Card  -  Volume 23  -  Yumi Card Number 0  -  Tue, Feb 18, 1992 6:28 PM

Yumi's transit disk arrived with two bad sectors. Initially, I was unable read or even transfer her contributions stack, but with the help of a file recovery program and some careful salvage work, I was able to reconstruct everything EXCEPT her hello card. Sorry, Yumi.

Actually, we have been rather fortunate in transmitting our cards through the ever-risky US Postal Service. I've detected problems in many disks over the years, but only rarely has a bad disk interfered with "packet reception." In fact, the ONLY time I EVER lost a contributions stack altogether was with Paul's disk last time around. Fortunately, Paul was able to re-transmit his contributions through America Online and no time was lost.

It occurs to me that we could reduce the chances of such a mishap reoccurring to almost nil if you guys would transmit TWO copies of your "My Contributions" stack, each copy on a separate disk. You are sending at least two transit disks anyway, so why not put the extra disk to work?

Still, it IS a slight nuisance and we seem to do pretty well just sending one copy. So I won't try to make this official Archipelago policy. But if any of you would like to hedge your bets, feel free to send two copies of your My Contributions stack in the future.

Thank you. I now return you to the scheduled program already in progress...