JFK Conspiracy

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Janine Card Number 7  -  Tue, Jan 21, 1992 9:29 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 22 Roger 1 ("Kennedy again")...

I definitely agree with you, Roger. Eliott and I recently saw the JFK movie, and a lot of what was presented made sense. On the other hand, some of the speculation was a bit of a stretch.

It does seem odd that Oswald would have acted alone. For one thing, the movie stated he couldn't possibly have shot his rifle three times in succession in the same amount of time the shots rang out. I'm not a ballistics expert, but I have heard this information before (magazine articles, books).

Another point is the angle of the shots and the reaction of his body. From the super-slo-mo images (which I had never seen before and found disturbing), Kennedy seems to have been shot three times. In addition, the man in the front seat (at the moment I can't remember his name or title!) does not appear to be hit until the third bullet. Without giving anything away, Costner has a great monologue where he explains the FBI's "magic bullet" theory that only a single bullet struck both men.

It's true there were plenty of people who wanted JFK out of the White House. The film mentions his Vietnam policy, where he wanted to get all troops back home within his term. I'm sure that got a few people's dander up. After all, where would we be today without the defense industry?!? Think of the billions of dollars which would have been lost. Enough to make JFK's assassination worthwhile? Besides the defense industry, many loyal American right-wingers thought JFK was a little too left. He was strong on civil rights at a time when this was highly unpopular. He managed to piss off the Cubans (both pro- and anti-Castro). In other words, the guy practically had it coming to him.

On the other hand, Oliver Stone's attempt to come up with a clear, concise conspiracy leaves too many loose ends. It goes something like this: "OK, let's say Oswald ..... and let's say Ruby ..... then the Cuban underground goes ..... and then the guys in the military ...... if you follow, it's obvious they were all in this!!" Fill in the blanks with any construed notion which sounds suspicious. It's very believable, and I do think there was a conspiracy, but not the same one presented by Stone.

One last note: I think the danger in putting out a movie like this is there are so many people who don't question the ideas put into their heads and will take the information given in JFK to be facts. I'm glad it will open up further debate on the issue, but I think a lot of people will be misled.