Kennedy again

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  Roger Card Number 1  -  Thu, Dec 19, 1991 5:23 PM

The local nitetalk show had Mark Lane on talking about the new Oliver Stone Movie and of course, his book "Rush to Judgement".

It encouraged me to hear that the public is going to hear more about the JFK coverup.

Of course you can tell that I believe that there was a big conspiracy to cover up the assassination. I could never believe that Oswald acting alone did it. And then a local mobster, well known to the Dallas police also acting alone and out of indignation gunned down Oswald when he was surrounded by the Dallas Police Dept.

I could never believe anything other than he was hired to assignated Oswald by someone who was afraid he would talk. And Oswald seemed to be the usual fall guy type. My feeling was that some of the Members of the Dallas Police Force, and other rightwingers in Dallas wanted to get rid of a liberal president and replace him with their favorite, the homestate boy LBJ.

Do the rest of you buy the individual theory?