Hello Card  -  Volume 23  -  John Card Number 0  -  Mon, Mar 9, 1992 11:03 PM

Betsy and I just stumbled in from a grocery run. We're both exhausted and our new apartment is still a jungle of half-opened boxes and piles of clothes. I just got a tape from Paul but can't listen to it until I find my tape deck (I think it's in the living room). And any moment now I expect the phone to ring; it will be Betsy calling from the next room, telling me to come to bed.

It's been a tiring couple of months, but we are making definite progress. Betsy and I had a great time over Christmas, in spite of getting lost in the dark on a mountain while cross country skiing. And my sister produced a neice right on schedule.

For the next two months, Roger and Rose Anne and Betsy and I became quite a foursome. Rose Anne and Betsy went off to see a musical and had other adventures while Roger and I argued far into the nights about whatever arcane subjects we could think of. There were lively dinners every night and lots and lots of sesame seed breadsticks.

After hunting high and low, we finally located a decent apartment on Roger's island of Alameda. It's in the lower half of a charming old Victorian and although it has a number quirks and shortcomings I'm really starting to like it. Next Sunday, if we can rifle through enough boxes, we plan on having a little housewarming.

This is my last week as a Kelly Girl. It's been a grueling but also an educational couple of months. I will not miss my boss, the petty tyrant, but I have become quite chummy with the word processors and I'll miss them quite a bit. My working future is rather cloudy at this point, but I have a chance at a very lucrative consulting contract. Keep your fingers crossed.

Our wedding day is now coming up fast. Betsy just returned from a weekend wedding shower in South Bend, I finally finished the bulk of my HyperCard Wedding List Stack, and all the myriad details are starting to firm up.

Along the way we have even managed a little restaurant hopping, a multimedia lecture at the Exploritorium, a trip to the MacWorld Expo, a bookstore run or two, and some delightful evenings with friends old and new. We are tired, yes, but very happy.

And now to bed...