Hello Card  -  Volume 23  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Sun, Jan 19, 1992 11:38 PM

Welcome to the first issue of 1992. I am trying an experiment this time. In an effort to hold the shipment down to two transit disks, I have placed the Gift23 folder along with this issue's Mr. Wizard stack into a self-unstuffing archive.

This thing is very easy to use. Simply double-click on the Gift23.sit icon and it should unstuff itself automatically, that is, the gift folder and wizard stack should land unscathed on your hard disk. If we don't encounter any difficulties I will probably start using this technique in subsequent issues.

Issue 23 was a long time coming but I hope you'll agree it is worth the wait. We have no less than FOUR book reviews and FOUR rather nifty gifts as well. Our sound club stack is bursting at the seams with wacky sounds. I have included my usual Mr. Wizard stack and Stuart continues to provide cutting edge poetry.

Nominations for best voice cards of 1991 are in (although you can all add more if you wish). 1991 was clearly a VERY good year for voice cards, and we are already off to a fine start in 1992. I thought Janine's cards were especially fine. I am also enjoying Larry's Kristen cards; when she grows up I'll prepare a special archive collection as a gift for her 21st birthday.

After continuous e-mail negotiations, Lee has decided to drop out of the group but adds that he may well want back in at some point when he is not so swamped (Lee is starting his own business).

As you can all see by the spiffy mailing labels, Command Central has moved YET AGAIN! This time we have a six month lease, which is about as close to permanent as things get for us these days. The wedding is still on and I'm growing increasingly excited about the possibilities of an Archipelago convention.

Finally, it is subscription time again. Please include $20 with your return mailer. And thank you all for your support, your creative contributions, and your unflagging friendship.

And now on with the show...