Menubar Mystery

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  John Card Number 12  -  Sat, Mar 7, 1992 6:57 PM

This is a response to VC 23 Paul 2 ("Menu Bar help")...


Sorry these menubars are giving you so much grief. My response comes in two parts:

First, AN ANNOUNCEMENT! I have just added a new feature. From now on, voice card menubars will not be hidden whenever the voice card is displayed on a screen larger than the card itself. At least I THINK I've added that feature; like most Archipelagoans I don't have a large screen, so this new feature is rather hard for me to test.

So please reply and tell me whether or not it worked. If it did your menubar should no longer disappear on you. Unfortunately, it will still disappear if you open any volumes earlier than volume 22 or any of several other Archipelago stacks. If you want I'll be glad to tell you how to add the feature to these other stacks.

SECONDLY, I'm not sure why -space bar was not toggling your menubar. It works on my machine. You also mentioned that -? was not working for you either. Is anyone else having this problem? Maybe your command key is on the blink.

I see at least two possibilities. Could this be a System 7 bug? If so, Robert may be experiencing the same phenomenon. A more likely explanation is one of your quadzillion inits or cdevs. There are many gizmos out there that intercept various command key combinations including several that intercept -spacebar.

But not to worry! If -spacebar won't work, you can always choose "Menubar" from the pop-up Menu button located above the word-o-meter. Let me know if this problem continues.