Wedding Plans

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  John Card Number 20  -  Sun, Mar 8, 1992 11:29 PM

The date Betsy and I have waited for for so long is at last drawing nigh. On Sunday, May 24th, at noon, in South Bend, Indiana, Betsy and I will marry each other AND YOU'RE ALL INVITED!

I will probably only be able to launch one more issue before the big day, so this is almost my last chance to urge you all to come. And this will certainly be your last chance to pitch in a few suggestions about what you'd like to do when we all get together.

It appears that almost all of Archipelago will be there, and this will be a first in Archipelago history. It's a chance we can't afford to waste; we simply MUST have some kind of Archipelago bash just before or just after the wedding. Maybe an Archipelago banquet. Any ideas?

Of course, there are already several other bashes in the works. We are planning a rehearsal picnic in place of the usual rehearsal dinner, and all of you are invited to that. It will be in some nearby park and there will be good food and plenty of room for any kids and/or adults to romp.

There is also going to be a reception after the wedding in the beautiful downtown Holiday Inn. There will be a hospitality suite of some sort which may be available for Archipelago activities. And Paul is no doubt already planning a bachelor party which I hope will involve a poker game.

I am so excited by the possibilities here that I've actually considered printing up some kind of Archipelago T-shirts. What would you guys like to do? How best can we spend our limited time together?

You should all be receiving fancy printed invitations in the not too distant future. If you would like to make reservations, it just so happens that the father of the bride runs an excellent travel agency. Call "Let's Talk Travel" and mention you're with the Brazy-Cartan wedding. The downtown Holiday Inn is offering a group rate for the wedding, same price regardless of room size. All the major airlines fly into South Bend. For those of you on a tight budget, we can arrange for roommates and can maybe provide other cost-cutting tips.

If at all possible you should arrange to be in South Bend by Friday evening or Saturday morning at the latest. The picnic will be on Saturday afternoon and the wedding and reception on Sunday. Remember, this is Memorial Day Weekend, so I hope most of you will have an extra day or two off.

Please give Betsy and me a call if you have ANY questions. I know it's a long and expensive journey, and I will certainly forgive anyone who is unable to attend, but I hope you can all make it.