Advance To Saint Charles

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  John Card Number 8  -  Sat, Mar 7, 1992 3:31 PM

Today is our first day together in the new place. We are living in the bottom part of an old Victorian about ten minutes from Roger's house. There are still boxes everywhere (about half of my books are still unpacked) but now that the bare essentials are in place (bed, table, computer, and starmaze poster) I'm starting to feel at home.

The big move went surprisingly well. Betsy cleverly flew off to South Bend for her Bridal Shower and left me with the task of transferring the contents of an 8 by 8 by 8 storage cube to the new apartment. My Cousin Dave, a friend of Betsy's named Chris, and Roger and Rose Ann all pitched in. We formed a caravan of three cars and Roger's old pickup (which has a range of about ten miles before it breaks down), synchronized our watches, and moved into place.

All told it only took two caravan loads plus an additional pickup trip to rescue all our stuff. Our new landlords left a very nice bottle of wine in the fridge and later helped me hook up the second phone line. Over the past week Betsy and I have carted over odds and ends from our little room in Roger's house. And last night, for our first night soloing in the new place, Roger and Rose Ann gave us an early wedding present: a beautiful down comforter with cover.

So we made it (with a lot of help from our friends). Betsy and I are now official Bay Area Dwellers. There's plenty of space for sleeping bags in the computer room, so you're all invited! Archipelago Command Central is now open for business!