Hello Card  -  Volume 23  -  Robert Card Number 0  -  Sun, Feb 23, 1992 3:00 PM

Last Call, Last Call.

Even as I type this opening message I can hear John saying to himself "last call, last call {I wonder where Robert's contributions are?}"

Fortunately or unfortunately I have been rather inundated with work these last couple of months. This is great news as a consultant, but it can be a little wearing on the nerves not to mention ones leasure time.

Now that I have smoothly introduced the topic of leasure time, I must mention that March and April will have alot of that, but it will be a little difficult to reply to Archipelago. I will be training here at Apple learning AUX for the first week and then it is off for ten days or so to the jungles of Belize and Guatemala to photograph exotic birds. On my return, there will be aproximately a week to two week stay to get caught up on all my clients crisis, and then if all goes well I will head off to Costa Rica for another ten days or so. (By the way Paul, you can still change your mind and come along.)

If the luggage is maintained to a minimum, I am planning on taking the PowerBook 170 with me so just maybe I might even make a few notes while on the journey to contribute to Archipelago.