Hello Card  -  Volume 24  -  Robert Card Number 0  -  Mon, Apr 6, 1992 12:47 PM

Back from Belize and Guatemala. It was a marvelous trip. Saw over 230 species of birds, but more remarkably than that I was lucky enough to have seen and photographed an Ocelot.

While I was taking some start track photographs in the middle of an unexcavated Maya ruin in Chan Chic, I spotted some reflective eyes at the top of the major temple. At first I thought that it was an owl. As I approached it turned out to be a very large Ocelot that let me get within 20 feet. Unfortunately as I was taking start track photos, I only had wide angle lenses with me, so the photo I have is not as close as I would like. That is the way it goes, though it was the highlight of the trip.

Chan Chic is a marvelous lodge that is in the middle of a 150,000 acre ranch. Belongs to an American who is interested in preserving the rainforest among other things. This lodge will only take a maximum of 24 people and is constructed in the native style with only local building materials. It was the first time I had ever used a 100% mahogany shower. Food was good but the people and accomodations were marvelous.

If you are looking to get away from it all this is a good place. They only communicate via radio as there is no phone.

Tikal was impressive. Found a flock of semi wild Scarlet Macaws that provided very cooperative subjects that produced over two rolls of top rate images. But more on that later.

Getting ready to head out to Costa Rica for two weeks in about two hours, so I will keep this short. Hope to have even better luck on this trip. Will keep you posted.