Software Review Cards

Voice Card  -  Volume 24  -  John Card Number 11  -  Sun, May 10, 1992 4:56 PM

This is a response to VC 24 Janine 3 ("ArchIdeas")...


You are not the first to request software review cards. We could also have movie review cards and music review cards (Paul has already twisted one book review card into an album review).

When I created the updated version of Archipelago two years ago, my original vision was to have lots of different card types. I soon discovered, though, that each new type carries with it nasty overhead expenses. Subtle differences between the card types require masses of special tests and subroutines. And storing the templates eats up precious disk space so that I can no longer fit two typical voice volumes on a single diskette.

So now I'm wondering if we REALLY need all these different card types. Maybe I could design a more general purpose kind of voice card instead. If we did EVERYTHING on voice cards we could attach reply links to book reviews and hang gift cards in our conversation trees. ON THE OTHER HAND, maybe I've already taken this urge to simplify and consolidate Archipelago too far. Having nothing but voice cards might turn out to be major dullsville.

What I need is input from YOU, the typical Archipelagoan in the street. This is your chance to influence the shape of Archipelago 3.0. We are at a crossroads. Which way should we go, towards greater diversity or greater simplicity? Cast your vote TODAY!