In the movies

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Drury Card Number 5  -  Mon, Jan 13, 1992 5:12 PM

I recently purchased a real nifty program-or more correctly, a data base.

It is called, Movies, Movies, Movies, by MacKay Associates. ($35)

It has over 2,400 films by title, cast, director, year released, quality, MPAA rating (PG, R, etc), type (drama, comedy, etc), and plot. The data base can be used on HyperCard, Filemaker, File Force, 4th Dimension, and Panorama. I found it very easy to load it into a 4D template.

For those of you who rent videos, this may solve the "What should we get tonight" problem. I just sent John out with a list of 6 movies to rent.

You can also indicate in the data base, whether you own the movie, media type, and location. Very handy for cataloging your movies! This little gem gets: