In the Shadow of Boomers

Voice Card  -  Volume 24  -  John Card Number 15  -  Mon, May 18, 1992 10:06 PM

This is a response to VC 24 Larry 1 ("Twentysomething")...


I was really intrigued by your card - I think you've hit on something. I've also heard about this book and I've been thinking about the subject for years now.

At age 34, I am supposedly a baby boomer (by most definitions). But I've never felt that way and neither do any of my contemporaries that I've talked to. I've always felt like I was living in the shadow of that wave of baby boomers. And I've grown to resent it.

The baby boomers seem to live charmed lives, always at the forefront of change and in the spotlight. They seem always to be at the right place at the right time.

They did everything better than we did. They had the Beatles. We had Barry Manilow. They had free love. We had safe sex. They had Camelot. We had Watergate.

Am I jealous? You bet I am! I feel like the younger brother of a coddled firstborn. Just once I'd like to see my generation actually DO something, something worthwhile. But so far all we've done is watch mediocre sitcoms and elect Ronald Reagan. Most of us don't even bother to vote.

And yet, I think, or at least I hope, that somewhere in all that mud there lie the seeds of greatness. If only we could find a voice of our own...