Sotto voce

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  Stuart Card Number 8  -  Mon, Jul 13, 1992 9:28 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 24 John 15 ("In the Shadow of Boomers")...

That's just the thing - it takes time to find a "voice of one's own," as you say at the end of your voice card, John. As a serious writer, you know that's true about making a meaningful statement when your write, should it be different when you are talking about a generation making a meaningful statement?

Plus, I suspect all this generational labeling is too hyped up anyway. The people born in the sixties and late fifties - the twentysomething generation and those like John, who are a bit old but have the same attitudes as the kiddies in their twenties - complain about the baby booming thirty-and-now-forty something generation. Did those born in the, say, 1890s complain about those born in the 1870s? Or is "it" just about paying your dues, which takes time.

Your (our? I feel like some sort of generational borderline creature myself) generation will find their voice, John. And when you (we?) do, watch out!