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This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 23 Janine 4 ("And Bookstores")...

Yes there is a company that specializes in the distribution of books on disk and CD's. It does not have a lot of titles at the moment, but there are more on the way. I found all of the following information on AppleLink.

About The Voyager Company
Publishers of Interactive New Media Since 1984

Copyright 1992, The Voyager Company

The Voyager Company was founded in 1984 to pioneer and publish new forms of interactive media.

Voyager began by turning video viewers into video "readers." Their over 200 videodiscs, including the Criterion Collection of classic and contemporary films, take home viewing to a new level of user-driven interactivity. Voyager takes advantage of the medium's still-frame capabilities and amazing image clarity by including extra content: production photos, screenplay excerpts, screen tests, storyboards, and reviews of the films. Laserdisc's multiple soundtracks, including sharp digital sound, mean that there's room for extra audio content: commentaries, interviews, and bilingual soundtracks.

Laserdisc, with its ability to store thousands of individual images, is the ideal way to publish "books" of thousands of pages. With the "Regard for the Planet" disc, for example, viewers can browse through over 50,000 photographs taken by French photographer Marc Garanger during 30 years' travel around the globe. Science documentaries shed light on "The Creation of the Universe" and "The Miracle of Life." Museum discs on the Louvre, the National Gallery and the Orsay bring thousands of art masterpieces, in full color and spectacular detail, to the video screen.

In 1987, Voyager began using HyperCard to create "videodisc companions," specially tailored to the content of individual discs. By hooking up a Mac to a videodisc player, you can search and sort through the thousands of images on a disc instantly, according to criteria you select.

Voyager also publishes a wide variety of CD-ROM products. Voyager's best-known CD-ROM to date is "Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 9." The first in the CD Companion series, "Beethoven" uses a top-notch CD recording of the Ninth Symphony and a Macintosh computer to investigate this classic work in text, image, and music. The multi-tiered interactive HyperCard program gives users a means to explore great music in a self-paced, non-intimidating fashion.

Since the release of Beethoven in 1989, Voyager has expanded the CD Companion series to include programs on the works of Stravinsky, Mozart, Schubert, and Strauss. The company has also pioneered the development of personal narratives, by leading authors and artists, on CD-ROM.

Voyager's most recent innovation is books on high-density floppy diskettes. These Expanded Books are designed to be read on computers; they combine the best aspects of traditional book reading with features and benefits only a computer-based book can offer.

Third Parties

Software Version List
and System Requirements

Copyright 1992, The Voyager Company

SoftwareVersion   HyperCard   System
A Silly Noisy House1.0n/a6.05
A World Alive1.02.0v26.05
AmandaStories Vol.
AmandaStories Vol.
AmandaStories Vol.
AmandaStories Vol. 41.0v1.2.26.03
AmandaStories (Mac)1.02.0v26.05
AmandaStories (PC)1.0n/aMPC
Baseball's Greatest Hits1.02.0v26.07
Bio Sci Laserguide1.
CD Companion-Beethoven 9th2.02.0v26.05
CD Companion-Mozart Dissonant1.02.16.05
CD Companion-Schubert Trout1.02.0v26.05
CD Companion-Strauss Tone Poems   Not out2.0v26.05
CD Companion-Stravinsky Rite1.0.22.0v26.05
Dream Machine1.
Eadweard Muybridge1.02.0v26.05
EB-Annotated Alice1.02.16.07
EB-Hitchhiker's Guide1.02.16.07
EB-Jurassic Park1.02.16.07
Exotic Japan1.02.0v26.05
Great Quake1.
I Photograph to Remember1.0n/a6.05
Last Chance to SeeNot out2.16.07
Louvre I1.0.22.0v26.05
Louvre II1.02.0v26.05
Louvre III1.0.22.0v26.05
Louvre Compendium1.02.0v26.05
Musee d'Orsay1.02.16.05
National Gallery of Art2.02.0v26.05
Regard for the Planet1.02.0v26.05
The BOX Stack1.
Van Gogh Revisited2.02.0v26.05
Pioneer 4200 Desk Accessory1.2n/a6.02
Pioneer 6000 Desk Accessory1.4n/a6.02
Sony Desk Accessory1.2n/a6.02
Voyager VideoStack2.22.0v26.05
Voyager Video Toolkit (PC)1.0n/aMPC
Voyager CD AudioStack1.22.16.05

Third Parties
Voyager Products
Software Datasheets

Voyager U.S.Software Price List
For Videodisc prices please see the Videodisc Price List
Prices in U.S. Dollars
Copyright 1992, The Voyager Company

Macintosh Computer Software

Amandastories ® Volume 1
Inigo the Cat
   HC1   24.95
Amandastories Volume 2
Your Faithful Camel
Amandastories Volume 3
Inigo at Home
Amandastories Volume 4
Your Faithful Camel Goes Underground


AmandaStories complete 4 volumes with sound   LS21   CD-ROM   59.95
Baseball's Greatest HitsLS27CD-ROM79.95
Exotic JapanLS18CD-ROM99.95
I Photograph to RememberLS26CD-ROM39.95
The New Groliers Electronic EncyclopediaLS22CD-ROM295.0
A Silly Noisy HouseLS25CD-ROM59.95

CD Companion Series:

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Symphony No. 9 CD Companion
LS 7   CD-ROM   99.95
Igor Stravinsky:
The Rite of Spring CD Companion
The "Dissonant" Quartet CD Companion   
"The Trout" Quintet

Videodisc Companions - HyperCard Software:

Bio Sci Laserguide
(Please specify whether for Bio Sci I or II)
LS3     99.95
Dream Machine
(Works with Volume 1 and Volume 2)
Eadweard Muybridge:LS1359.95
The Great Quake of '89 HyperCard StackLS1449.95
HyperCard 2.0 upgrade on any videodisc companion   
(inc. new features, as available)

Louvre Vol. 1: Painting and drawing:LS1599.95
Louvre Vol. 2: Sculpture and objets d'art:LS1699.95
Louvre Vol. 3: Antiquities:LS1799.95
Michelangelo: Self-Portrait:LS1959.95
Musée d'Orsay:LS2999.95
The National Gallery of Art:LS159.95
Regard for the Planet:LS2059.95
Van Gogh Revisited:LS559.95

Multimedia Toolkits

Videodisc Accessory Series
(Please specify laserdisc player model #)     
LS6     49.95
The Voyager VideoStack 2.2
(HyperCard videodisc toolkit)
The Voyager CD AudioStack
(HyperCard compact disc toolkit)


The Box
(to connect a Macintosh to a consumer videodisc player,     
please specify model #)
VBox1     149.95
(Mac to RS-232 disc player,
please specify player model #)

Pioneer LVP 4200
(special conditions for purchase apply - please call)

Remote for Pioneer LVP 4200 and LVP 8000RC420065.00
Pioneer LVP 2200
(special conditions for purchase apply - please call)

Pioneer LVP 8000
(special conditions for purchase apply - please call)

Pioneer UC-V104BC Barcode Reader
(for model LVP-2200 and some consumer players only)

Sony MDP 1100