More Bestiary

Voice Card  -  Volume 24  -  Stuart Card Number 6  -  Sun, Apr 19, 1992 11:54 AM

This is a response to VC 23 Stuart 7 ("Uncle Caterpillar Wings It")...

And so we continue with the stories of love, guilt, requital, and revenge that make up THE BODY BESTIARY.

In the last contribution from the B.B. (VC 23, Stuart 7 - John, can you make the necessary hook-ups please?) we saw the birth of the daughter of Moonlight and Princess Waterfall. This child's name is Moonlit Lake. Now in this poem, Moonlight is gone, chased away by the soldiers of the antogonist of this world, The Duchess of Moisture. The Princess is alone with her daughter, who is now a young girl.

The first two stanzas describe the loneliness of Princess Waterfall and her relationship with her daughter. The last stanza presents a warning of the disasters to come. This warning is heard by Possum, who is able to hear the warnings conveyed by the elves, who have been enslaved deep in the earth by the Duchess of Moisture.

The poem is called "The Tapestry of Consequence: Princess Waterfall Seduces Her Daughter; Possum Hears The Elves Enchained in the World Below." As usual, you will want to expand the text field to get the full lineation of the poem. Enjoy:

Nights when we animals drank from her, the Princess
Missed Moonlight most; Finally, when winter had blown
Away, and stream beds rang raiments of praises
In the water rush where mountain flowers bloom,
The Princess knelt, her daughter scented in sleep:

"Lover place your body's solace here
Around me water quickens it draws me deep
Beyond our thighs we taste moist in the sweet air
Of evening we sleep," Princess Waterfall whispered;

Enchained elves now anviled warnings from their darkness:
"The Duchess wants wants wants no wish spared
Black torrential rains want the child The Duchess
Wants Wants..."; thus Possum, Old Ear in the Ground,
Made out the boned world below, as it cracked, groaned...