Still More Bestiary

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  Stuart Card Number 13  -  Tue, Jul 14, 1992 3:03 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 24 Stuart 6 ("More Bestiary")...

These latest 2 poems from THE BODY BESTIARY have to with the beginnings of The Duchess of Moisture's revenge against Moonlight; his lover, Princess Waterfall; their daughter, Moonlit Lake; and the rest of the creatures in this fairy tale world.

The first poem, "Separate Soliloquies. . ." is in two voices, that of Uncle Caterpillar, the "Myself" in the poem, and The Duchess of Moisture, "The Duchess" in the poem. Though it is a sort of a dialogue, these characters are not together when this exchange takes place, as the title suggests.

The second poem, "The Tapestry of Wishing. . ." is a simpler poem, completely in the voice of Uncle C. Enjoy!

(Again, you'll want to expand the text field to get the proper lineation):

Separate Soliloquies: Where I Have Premonitions of Moonlit Lake's Fate,
as Far Away The Duchess of Moisture Finds Her Sleeping in the Woods

Myself:You seemed my best self     as in wonder I watched you
Duchess:As you bloom     Moonlit Lake     like a spring
The spirits of snow melt upon you
Myself:In those lengthening days that seasons bring
Beautiful pale longings     my whispering angels
speak to me
Duchess:a wood is an evil world
Didn't they tell you     it's
Myself:in this ache     chills
Char my prophesying heart
Duchess:like a wound
It beguiles even the sweetest rose
Like you     innocent one
Myself:         Moonlit Lake
Duchess:The lusts of Soldiers swarm beyond the sunrise
For you     innocent one     for you     they come
Myself:         Moonlit Lake!

Angels of longing     Help me to wish for her hard

If only by someone this weaving were heard!

The Tapestry of Wishing: Where I Tell How The Duchess of Moisture's
Revenge Against Moonlight and Those Closest to Him Began

First, a frost on the spirit -- rage stirring, flower
Felt; then coyly, like placid volcanic ash,
Snow fell; then the wind's sea salt fervor
Began; ice swathed bit by bit like a lash
Unleashed upon us; pulled from me my wishes'
Savaged forms scattered; Duchess revenge
Sent them scouring through the night like witches
Before they fell like a meteor's red edged
Embers into the sea; now wending their way,
Caravanned by -- whom? currents? scaled or scalloped
Harbingers? -- I don't know, but far away,
To the Dolphins' Pearl Citadel, they escaped,
And so moved was the queen there that her strong
Magic was stirred; she felt our hurt, you see, our wrong. . .