Club Meg

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  Janine Card Number 6  -  Tue, Jun 9, 1992 10:47 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 24 John 4 ("Archipelago Travel Club")...

Since our almost-reunion of Archipelagoans in exotic South Bend, Indiana, I've been thinking we should get together every other year, at least. I've enjoyed talking with every Archipelagoan I've met, and it's great to match a face with your icons!

So where do we go next? If everyone wanted to convene on the west coast, there's an amazing lodge on Mt. Tamalpais called West Point Inn. It was popular among actors in the early part of the century, who would travel up the mountain by train. It's run by a group of members who preserve the inn and maintain the hiking trails around it. There's an amphitheater nearby, and the actors would put on plays during the summer (sort of a bay area version of the Catskills). In fact, Erich von Stroheim (sp?) worked there before his acting career.

The cost is $20 per night, per person. Guests hike a mile from the parking lot on an easy trail. There's no electricity - it's lit with gas lights. No radios are allowed, and guests bring their own towels and linens. Guests have full use of the kitchen to cook their own meals, and are responsible for cleaning up before they leave.

It's an inspiring place, especially for you writers out there! Panoramic views of the whole bay area, fresh, clean, pine-scented air. It may not be Nepal or Galapagos, but it's close to San Francisco and it's cheap!