Hello Card  -  Volume 25  -  Janine Card Number 0  -  Tue, Jul 21, 1992 10:49 PM

This has been a hectic last two months.

My job finally ended at Pacific Bell Directory, and then I got hired there in a different position as a temp! Without boring you with the minute details, my supervisors mishandled how I was let go (they didn't give me enough notice that my term was ending), so I'm covered by company benefits through August. The last few weeks I've been busy with a flurry of medical, vision and dental appointments!!!

The great thing is, my new position is as a systems support person, setting up Macs and answering questions. I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot. It may even end up being another term position (keep your fingers crossed!). And now Eliott is temping at Directory until school starts!

John and Betsy's wedding was by far the most fun wedding I've been to (mine was the most fun wedding where I was the bride!). I met even more Archipelagoans and saw friends and family I hadn't seen in years! The bride and groom make a very handsome couple. For those who missed it, one of the funnier moments was during the ceremony. John was about to break the glass when Betsy turned, looked straight at the photographer and said, "You might want to get this!!" Betsy, always the editor!

Things are looking up!