15 months and counting

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  Larry Card Number 6  -  Mon, Jun 29, 1992 10:52 PM

This is a response to VC 24 Larry 7 ("Motor mouth")...

Well, no successful toilet training this time around. Kristin's doctor indicated that she might toilet train early. And she did give some indications that she would - making it very obvious when it was time to go and sitting on her little potty. But she seems to have become bored with it all now.

Her language has seemed to pick back up again. "Daddy" is coming back with its old frequency. "Mommy" is still real popular, as is "uh-oh" and "no-no-no." She has come back to some old standards such as "kitty," "doggy," and "hi."

Additionally, she is using the following in varying degrees of frequency - "done" (for when she is done eating or when her glass or bowl is empty), "eye," "pawpaw" (grandpa), "wa-wa (water) - plus she is working on people names "Danny" and "Sandy" for her two friends at daycare, struggling with "Genevieve" (one of her favorite people in the whole world and her babysitter's youngest daughter).

We have been putting out a lot of money for toothbrushes these days. Kristin doesn't like to have her teeth brushed. So, she has been hiding her toothbrushes. She has apparently found a pretty good spot because we haven't found any of them yet. We had some friends over for dinner last time who suggested that we check the heating ducts. We will check those out soon. If and when we found the toothbrushes, we will probably find a lot of other stuff that we've been missing lately.

Kristin's motor skills seem to be very good. She and I spend a lot of time playing catch. She has a pretty good arm for a 15 month old and makes good attempts at catching the ball when it comes to her. She's learned to drink from a straw (she really thought she was hot stuff when she learned that), and she is able to take the straw out of the juice box and then put it back in the hole. Pretty good hand-eye coordination. Her grandpa made her a wooden rocking horse and she has a great time climbing on and off of it.

The final skill I'll report is her ability to recognize body parts. She can touch her eye, nose, head, tummy, mouth, and foot when so requested.