Hello Card  -  Volume 25  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Tue, Jun 9, 1992 1:29 AM

Here it is at last: the TWENTY-FIFTH issue of Archipelago. It is far and away the largest issue ever, with more words than ever before, more cards than ever before, and the longest single voice card ever written.

[Not quite true - see vol 20]

It is also the most overdue issue. Most of you were scandalously late in returning your packets, and for reasons which may be more clear after reading my final voice card, I was scandalously slow in finishing the harvest.

But all's well that end's well. I think this issue is a fitting celebration of our fourth anniversary. In addition to my usual Mr. Wizard column and Stuart's continuing Bestiary, we have two fine book reviews and over a hundred superb voice cards including three different accounts of my wedding, a continuation of our voice card suspense novel, and more lively debate about the workplace.

We also have six interesting gifts under our tree. I am trying something new this time: grouping all gift cards after the preface card. Tell me how you like this idea. In order to keep this shipment to three disks I did not include a sound club installment.

And now... ON WITH THE SHOW!

(I suggest you take frequent breaks while reading in order to avoid voice card burnout.)